Sunday, February 23, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Finger Eleven

Artist:Finger Eleven
Song:I'll Keep Your Memory Vague
Album:Them vs You vs Me

Like a lot of Canadian bands, Finger Eleven has always been successful at home. But they did well in the US with the 2008 album Them vs You vs Me and singles like Paralyzer and I'll Keep Your Memory Vague. They are from Burlington, ON and started out as Rainbow Butt Monkeys with Scott Anderson on lead vocals, James Black on lead guitar, Rick Jackett on rhythm guitar, Sean Anderson on bass and Rob Gommerman on drums. They all went to high school together. They won a rock band search contest at 97.7 CHTZ in St. Catherines and released the 1995 album Letters From Chutney. They started out as a funk band. But when they changed direction to alternative rock and got new management, the band name was changed to Finger Eleven. They signed with Mercury Records in Canada and Wind Up Records in the US. After their 1997 debut CD Tip, Gommerman left and was replaced by Rich Beddoe. Finger Eleven were successful in Canada but broke into the US charts with the 2003 CD Finger Eleven and the top twenty hit One Thing. The success continued with the 2007 CD Them vs You vs Me. Paralyzer reached #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and they had three other hits in Canada including I'll Keep Your Memory Vague. The album was certified Gold. The general reaction to the album was they softened their sound to stimulate record sales. Finger Eleven last recorded in 2010. They announced last year that they were recording new music. But Beddoe recently left Finger Eleven and has not been replaced. So I think they are in limbo right now. Here's the video for I'll Keep Your Memory Vague by Finger Eleven.

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