Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Artificial Joy Club

Artist:Artificial Joy Club
Song:Sick & Beautiful

The Canadian band Artificial Joy Club showed some potential with the 1997 album Melt and the single Sick & Beautiful. And they were on Interscope Records. But they only recorded one album and split up. Artificial Joy Club are from Ottawa led by the husband wife duo of producer Leslie Howe and lead singer Louise Reny. They've been around since the 70s with the band Mainstream. In the 80s, they recorded three albums as One 2 One and had success in Canada. When their record label closed, they recorded a 1992 CD for A & M. At the same time, Louise became friends with Alanis Morissette and they produced her early dance pop records. Howe and Reny decided to change musical direction from the dance pop of One 2 One to alternative rock. They formed Sal's Birdland with guitarist Michael Goyette, bassist Tim Dupont and drummer Andrew Lamarche. They released two albums and then signed with Interscope Records. I can only assume that Interscope wanted a band name change. So they became Artificial Joy Club and released the CD Melt in 1997. The video for Sick & Beautiful was played on MTV and the song got radio play on US radio. The song also appeared in the 1998 film Homegrown starring Billy Bob Thornton. So they had potential. But they split up in 1999. So they only recorded one album. It's available as a budget CD. Leslie Howe has returned to producing. Louise Reny is lead singer of cover band Bubbles Cash and the Rhythm Method. Here's the video for Sick & Beautiful by Artificial Joy Club.

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