Monday, February 17, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Manu Chao & Tonino Carotone

Artist:Manu Chao & Tonino Carotone
Song:La Trampa

Manu Chao is generally credited as the man who brought alternative rock to Europe first with his 80s band Mano Negra and then as a solo artist. He recorded La Trampa with Italian music star Tonino Carotone in 2001 when both guys were on Virgin Records. Chao's parents are Spanish but they moved to France to avoid Francisco Franco's dictatorship. So Chao was born June 21, 1961 in Paris. Chao was influenced by British bands like The Clash, The Jam and Dr. Feelgood. He was a member of Hot Pants in the mid-80s. In 1987, Chao formed Mano Negra with his brother Antoine Chao and cousin Santiago Casariego. The band was successful in France and other European countries and South America. Mano Negra ended in 1995 when Chao formed the new band Radio Bemba Sound System and the other members of Mano Negra objected. Since then Chao has been successful as a solo artist in Europe and South America. Attempts to break into English speaking markets have been unsuccessful. Tonino Carotone was born in Spain but was a fan of Italian music. When he moved to Italy in 1995 to avoid military service, he signed with Virgin Records. La Trampa was a one off duet recorded for this 2001 Virgin Records various artists CD. It does not appear on albums by either artist. The CD looks like a decent intro to European alternative rock and reggae featuring Mano Negra, Sergent Garcia and Macaco. You may have heard La Trampa as the theme for the 2004 WB series Drew Carey's Green Screen Show. Manu Chao last recorded in 2009 but he still tours. Tonino Carotone last recorded in 2008 and his website is kaput. That's not good. Here's Manu Chao performing La Trampa.

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