Friday, February 07, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Keith & Enid

Artist:Keith & Enid
Song:Worried Over You
Album:Trojan Presents Mento & R & B: 40 Roots Of Reggae Classics

Here's a classic Jamaican record that predates reggae or even ska. It was released in 1960. At that time, American R & B was starting to show its influence on Jamaican music like calypso and mento. Keith & Enid were a very popular duo with several hits including Worried Over You in 1960. They were Keith Stewart and Enid Cumberland. Worried Over You was written and produced by Simeon Smith. The band on the record is Trenton Spence & His Group and Spence is playing sax on the record. Keith & Enid became popular enough in England that Island Records released a Keith & Enid album containing all their singles in 1964. Keith & Enid split up shortly after that. Enid found a new partner Roy Richards. They recorded a few singles in the late 60s as Roy & Enid. Keith Stewart had some success as a solo artist in 1970 with the song Yellow Bird. The duo reunited for a special concert a few years ago. Stewart died in Nov. 2010. Worried Over You holds up well and you can get it on this 2CD various artists comp from Trojan Records. Here's a video for Worried Over You by Keith & Enid.

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