Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Miesha Tate replaces injured Cat Zingano in TUF18

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports reported yesterday that Cat Zingano blew out her knee and Miesha Tate will replace her as coach for The Ultimate Fighter 18 against UFC women's champ Ronda Rousey. She will also get the title shot that Cat was supposed to get. Cat has had surgery and I don't expect to see her until 2014. The fan reaction to this has been funny. Why is Miesha getting a title match after a loss? You mean the UFC has never given a title shot after a loss before? They have actually done that several times recently. Couldn't they have given it to another fighter on the roster? The problem is that women's MMA hasn't been in the UFC long enough to develop multiple title contenders. Some idiot who should know better even suggested that the TUF shooting schedule should be delayed until after the June 16 Alexis Davis vs Rosi Sexton match. The show has to be ready to air in September. They can't delay the shooting. The show wouldn't be ready in time. So like it or not, Miesha is the only choice for this. For one thing, she is better suited than Cat for feuding with Ronda on TUF. There will be more drama. The UFC wants that. The show is not a competition. It's a reality show. And I don't think it matters much who faces Ronda at the end of the year. But Ronda vs Miesha will attract more attention and will be a bigger PPV attraction than Ronda vs Cat. But it's funny to hear Dana White and Miesha say that Miesha was winning the fight when ref Kim Winslow stopped it probably a little early. And Kim will be a ref on TUF. That adds more fuel to the fire. Check out this UFC On FOX video.

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