Sunday, May 26, 2013

JEWELS to restart as DEEP JEWELS

At yesterday's JEWELS show at Shinuku FACE, Ham Seo Hee won the JEWELS Featherweight Championship. But that news was overshadowed by the announcement that DEEP will make JEWELS part of DEEP as DEEP JEWELS. It's not as big of a change as you might think because DEEP always owned JEWELS and for the first few years, DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki was also JEWELS matchmaker. Yuichi Ozono was part owner of JEWELS. When Yasuko Mogi was brought in as matchmaker after VALKYRIE closed, Saeki concentrated more on DEEP. Yesterday he threw Ozono under the bus and Ozono finally took responsibility for putting on terrible shows. For the most part, the future of DEEP JEWELS is to have women's matches on DEEP shows. Except for the Amanda Lucas Star Wars foolishness, DEEP has rarely had women on shows since MIKU retired. Saeki said yesterday he didn't want to hurt JEWELS but now they aren't separate companies. He said that Shizuka Sugiyama will appear on the July 20 DEEP show at TDC Hall. He also announced plans to run the first DEEP JEWELS show on Aug. 31 at Shinjuku FACE. It remains to be seen what will be on that show. But Saeki said he is interested in running tournaments to find new talent like the Rough Stone tournaments. He also claims he wants to bring over Invicta fighters to Japan. He did not say how many DEEP JEWELS shows there will be and I also wonder how much space he has on DEEP shows for women's MMA. He say the DEEP JEWELS focus will be on women's MMA so maybe there won't be any more filler kickboxing matches. Don't expect any rules changes. Saeki likes the current rules. This all made yesterday's show anti climactic. This was unfortunate for Ham Seo Hee who won the JEWELS Featherweight Championship from Sugi Rock by unanimous decision. Sugi Rock seems to be on a rapid descent to Palookaville. It remains to be seen if she can pull out of this slide. VV Mei beat Korean kickboxer Jung Seo Ye by armbar at 1:55 of round one. Mika Nagano won over Takumi Umehara by rear naked choke at 1:42 of round one. and Yurika Nakakura beat Jade Marie Anderson by unanimous decision. Let's see what DEEP JEWELS will be.

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