Monday, May 20, 2013

JEWELS finally adds matches to May 25 show

So the JEWELS show is on May 25 at Shinjuku FACE. The main event is Sugi Rock vs Ham Seo Hee at 48kg for number one contender for that title. They finally announced the rest of the card yesterday. It's mostly filler. Why did they wait so long? Because they are broke. Common sense says that when a business runs out of cash, it's time to close. But common sense is at a premium in the fight business. And promoters in Japan are very stubborn. Most of them would rather limp along ineffectually instead of cutting their losses. And that's why JEWELS has been running so much filler for the last year. They have added three MMA matches to the May 25 show. And the rest of it is ammy kickboxing, grappling etc. and JEWELS owner Yuichi Ozono is well aware that fans hate that stuff because he admitted that they have told him that. So these are the three MMA matches. In a match contracted for 53kg, Mika Nagano will face Takumi Umehara. Wait, didn't Nagano earn a shot at Ayaka Hamasaki's Lightweight Championship on the March show? Ayaka is not available as she is challenging Carla Esparza for her Invicta title. Umehara trains at Zendokai. She won her MMA debut on the March show over JEWELS matchmaker Yasuko Mogi. That was at a heavier weight too. In a match contracted for 52kg, VV Mei will face Korean kickboxer Jung Seo Ye. Jung lost her MMA debut to MIZUKI on the March show. Stuff like this is a waste of time. And in a match contracted for 65kg, Jade Marie Anderson will face Yurika Nakakura. Jade is a former California high school wrestling champ. She's an English teacher living in Korea and is a teammate of Ham Seo Hee at CMA Korea. She has beaten Megumi Yabushita twice. The second time was at the Apr. 21 Gladiator show. Jade filled in when a pro wrestler who was supposed to fight on the show dropped out at the last minute. Gladiator is co-owned by CMA Korea. I think Jade has potential but her association with CMA is a big problem. They aren't trustworthy so no one likes to do business with them. Nakakura is making her MMA debut. As I said, the rest of the show is filler.

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