Saturday, May 11, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Io Shirai vs Alpha Female

On today's edition of Big Bad Blog Video Theater, I have Alpha Female defending the World Of Stardom championship against Io Shirai. This was the main event of STARDOM's Apr. 29 Sumo Hall show. I guess the thing that should impress most fans right at the start is the size difference. Alpha Female is the German monster heel at six feet tall and 180lbs. And Io Shirai is 5'3" and weighs 120lbs. And they showed a clip where Alpha Female beat Io in a tag team match. So on the surface it looks like a mismatch. But as I said when this match was announced, there was no way that Alpha Female was going to keep that title because she's not in Japan all the time. And with the retirement of Yuzuki Aikawa, STARDOM needed a new ace who isn't Nanae Takahashi. I can assure you that the original plan was for Aikawa to win this title. So how do they have Io beat Alpha Female so it doesn't look like a fluke. First you have to have Alpha Female control the match and make it look like she's going to destroy Io. There were plenty of near falls. And if you're going to ask me about the ref's slow count, all Japanese refs count like that. And there is usually a delay before the three count. The only way Io can beat Alpha Female is to use her quickness and athleticism. And this leads to a series of kicks including a spinning back kick to the head to give the win to Io Shirai. This is her first title belt ever so it's not surprising that she is bawling her eyes out after the match. I think Io Shirai could be a great champion. She has worked very hard over the past couple of years to improve her ring skills. she just turned 23 years old so she's still young. STARDOM hasn't announced the first challenger. They just announced an upcoming tour and Io is on the shows but in tag matches. We have to see how they book her. All the matches from this show have been posted on Daily Motion. I have only watched this one so far but I may post a couple of other videos after I watch them. But I wanted to post this one first. Congratulations to Io Shirai on the big win. Enjoy the video!
09. Alpha Female (c) vs Io Shirai - (STARDOM 04... by SenorLARIATO

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