Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Fallon Fox vs Alanna Jones

Here's the match video of Fallon Fox vs Alanna Jones from last night's CFA show. Of course as we all know, Fallon is the transgender fighter. She won the fight as expected but it wasn't as easy as her previous fights. Someone suggested to me that she was sandbagging. That's the sort of thing I wouldn't put past her scumbag manager. But it makes no sense for her to sandbag in her first fight on national TV. She should want to win as quickly as possible. And it's not like Alanna Jones is an elite fighter. But it got to the third round before Fallon won with a knee on the throat submission. So what happened? For one thing, this was the first fight where Fallon's opponent knew in advance that she is transgender. That deception is my number one problem with Fallon Fox. And though Fallon was clearly winning the fight, she was gassed by the end of round one and just wasn't as aggressive as she needed to be to finish the fight early. So it allowed Alanna to hang in there. That lack of endurance will catch up to Fallon as she faces a higher caliber opponent. Her opponent in the final is Ashlee Evans-Smith and I'm sure she noticed that lack of endurance. Ashlee got a walkover last night when her opponent missed weight by a large amount. I won't even mention her name. She has missed weight repeatedly so I blame the promoter for hiring her in the first place. So what happens if Fallon Fox loses? I'm not sure it matters much. She still has licensing issues to hurdle. And even if she wins, I don't expect her to be in Invicta. Her manager is now banned from Invicta for inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour. And at the last Invicta show, Fallon got into an altercation with Bec Hyatt at the hotel which Bec detailed on her Facebook. So Fallon has plenty of problems. But she may not be that good a fighter anyway. The final of this tournament could be very pivotal. Enjoy the video!

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