Saturday, October 06, 2012

Will Hitomi Akano retire?

Here's a video interview with veteran MMA fighter Hitomi Akano courtesy of Charlie Jewett, a friend of mine who lives in Japan. The main thing to come from this interview is that Hitomi is seriously considering retirement. Of course this also brings up the question of whether her boss Megumi Fujii will retire. These two have been pals for over twenty years and I have always thought they should retire together. Of course Hitomi could change her mind. You may recall that after Smackgirl closed in 2008, she said she would retire and Megumi talked her into staying after Yuichi Ozono bought Smackgirl and changed the name to Jewels. Charlie didn't ask her about retirement. He asked her when she would fight again and she said she would probably stop. So she brought it up. I'm not very surprised but it remains to be seen if she follows through. Enjoy the interview.


  1. Such a classy and beautiful lady and great, great fighter. Her record doesn't do her justice but there are genuine reasons for that.
    A shame if she has retired but at 38 it may be difficult to continue.
    Do you know if she has officially retired?

  2. Hitomi intended to retire when Smackgirl suspended operations in 2008. But when Smackgirl became Jewels, Megumi Fujii talked her out of it. I think they will retire together and they should as they have been best friends for over 20 years.

  3. Has Hitomi officially retired yet?

  4. Nope. As I said before, she will officially retire when Megumi Fujii retires.