Tuesday, October 02, 2012

STARDOM killing time until Yuzuki Aikawa is champ

So everyone knows that STARDOM has this big show coming up next spring. And it's obvious to me the plan for that show is to have bikini model Yuzuki Aikawa beat Nanae Takahashi for their championship. I'll call it the red belt as I'm sure long time fans will know what I'm talking about. She already has the secondary white belt. Aikawa won the 5 Star Grand Prix league on Sunday when she beat Kyoko Kimura in the final. But eyebrows were raised when Aikawa beat current champ Nanae Takahashi as part of this league. Normally there are fluke wins in these type of leagues. But it's been very obvious for a while that STARDOM owner Hiroshi Ogawa plans to make Aikawa his ace. Of course it's insulting to veteran wrestlers like Takahashi. But remember Takahashi is part of management so obviously she has bought into Ogawa's concept. I've watched Aikawa enough to come to the conclusion that she can't wrestle. All she does is kicks and she's been around long enough that she should have improved but she hasn't. You don't hitch your star to someone who lacks the aptitude for wrestling. She's not qualified. But Ogawa doesn't care.  He will do with Aikawa what he always wanted to do with Fuuka. I don't know if fans will buy it. So a lot of STARDOM's booking right now is timewasting until they can put the belt on Aikawa. That's what the 5 Star Grand Prix was. And they're doing something similar with tag teams. One of the wrestlers they are bringing over for that is Christina Von Eerie. She will team with Kyoko Kimura. Meanwhile on Oct. 14 Aikawa will defend her title against Act Yasukawa. And the are bringing over Canadian Sha Nay Nay and US wrestler Veda Scott to team up against Hiroyo Matsumoto and Io Shirai. And on the Oct. 21 Osaka show, Nanae Takahashi will defend the red belt against German wrestler Alpha Female. Takahashi looked at her picture at the press conference and took note of her size because she's bigger than Takahashi. And though she has been wrestling since 2001, Alpha Female has never wrestled outside Europe. She used to be called Jazzy Bi and she has worked a lot for the British company Pro Wrestling EVE. I think she's their champ right now. I'd like to see her beat up Aikawa. But she won't beat Takahashi. Bringing over gaijin wrestlers is just killing time until Ogawa makes the big move to make Aikawa champ next spring. He's just trying to create interest for the time being.

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  1. I think, it's the great booking for push a famous sexy model as Yuzupon to beat Nanae and Kimura. I surprised with the math in 5 Star league between Yuzupon and Nanae. In final match, I am not surprised about it much.

    In my opinion, Rossy-san needs to create a new ace of Stardom as you said. Now, it's only Nanae and Taiyo-chan. He wants to give white belt to other girls as Yoshiko, Mio Io and Bito who are possible to be the next ace ( If Arisa didn't do the early retired in her career, she was one of choice ). We will focus on next spring who will be instant of Yuzupon's position much more than focus on Red belt.

    I think, Osawa might not give the red belt to Yuzopon after Nanae, he would give it to Taiyo-chan before Yuzopon.