Sunday, October 07, 2012

Invicta still has problems with live stream

Invicta had their third show last night. And because no one else who will write about this will say it, I'm going to lead with the poor quality of the live stream. It's funny. When Ring Of Honor pro wrestling had serious problems with their iPPV stream a couple of weeks ago, fans went ballistic. But because well meaning but misguided fans desperately want Invicta to be successful, no one will criticize them for anything including the fact that all three shows have had problems with the live stream. You're not doing them any favours by letting this slide. Last night the problem was the audio was choppy through the whole show and then the video got choppy and got progressively worse as the show continued. Finishes were missed and we had to watch them on replay. I was discussing it with a couple of people on Twitter and it was close to unwatchable. You can see it on the posted video. Of course the solution to this problem is the promotion needs to stop being cutesy poo and evasive about TV. Shit or get off the pot. Like the first two shows, the fights on this show were a mixed bag. There were mismatches but for the most part, credit the winners for doing good things. In the main event, Jessica Penne became the first Invicta Atomweight Champion with an win over JEWELS champ Sugi Rock via triangle choke at 2:20 of round two. Jessica is taller than the average 105lb fighter so I thought she would use that to her advantage. The other problem that I was discussing with a friend in Japan is JEWELS is not full MMA so fighters may not be properly prepared unless they're trained by Megumi Fujii. Shayna Bazsler beat Sarah D'Alelio by rear naked choke at 37 sec of round two. Not surprised by this one either. Shayna was the clear favourite. Now how about Shayna Bazsler vs Marloes Coenen for the main event of the next show? In a rematch from Invicta 1, Leslie Smith beat Kaitlin Young by TKO at 2:19 of round two. I guess Leslie worked on her ground game. I dreaded three more rounds of light sparring. Barb Honchak beat Aisling Daly by unanimous decision. As I suspected, Barb is much quicker than Aisling. She may be the most improved fighter in women's MMA over the last year. Very sad fight as Vanessa Porto beat women's MMA pioneer Tara LaRosa by unanimous decision. Tara missed weight and was very sluggish. Vanessa is inconsistent but is a very good fighter when she is on her game. Tara looked like she may have blown out her knee from some leg kicks. Tara just looked bad and maybe it's time to go. I don't want her to wind up like Megumi Yabushita. Julia Budd won over late replacement Danielle West by TKO at 2:32 of round one. Danielle might have done better with more lead time but Julia is always in shape though I don't believe she is a complete fighter. Cat Zingano won over Raquel Pennington by rear naked choke at 3:32 of round two. In the fight of the night, Michelle Waterson beat Lacey Schuckman by split decision. That's the video I have posted. It was very close but I think Lacey beat herself when she had mount in round one. Her corner was yelling at her to adjust her position so she could pound Michelle. But she ignored that and went for a couple of submissions instead. Missed opportunity to finish. Carla Esparza beat Lynn Alvarez by TKO at 2:53 of round one. It's the old story with Carla. She's hard to beat if she sticks to wrestling. Joanne Calderwood beat Ashley Cummins with a knee to the body at 3:13. Stephanie Frausto beat Amy Davis by guillotine at 48 sec of round one. 105 is a good weight for Stephanie. She was overmatched at 115. Jessamyn Duke beat Marciea Allen by armbar at 4:42 of round one. At 5'11", Jessamyn is very tall for a 135lb fighter. She has potential. Tecia Torres beat Kaiyana Rain by unanimous decision. Both were making pro MMA debuts. The fight was dull and neither was impressive. And in the opener, Brazilian veteran Ediene Gomes beat Katalina Malungahu by rear naked choke at 4:19 of round one. If Invicta doesn't get on TV for the next show, I don't know if I will watch another live stream. All the fights are already on Youtube and the one consistent thing over the first three shows has been problems with the stream. They must do better in this area.


  1. cjewett3:32 PM

    Good read.

  2. Frank, don't know what you and the others experienced, but we watched the whole live stream from Thailand and both the audio and video were excellent. Might have been something beyond Invicta control.

  3. Since Saturday night, I have spoken to enough people to know that the choppy stream was a widespread problem. And if you watch the Youtube videos, the guy who burned them had the same problem. The point is live streaming isn't stable enough to be used regularly to be the primary distribution for this kind of product and the stream has been a problem for all three shows, especially the second one. It also doesn't generate any revenue. They can't continue this especially with a bad stream as they risk alienating fans who will stop watching because of a poor stream. And if they get a TV deal and the broadcaster demands exclusivity, there may be no live stream. That's what happens when someone does things ass backwards. It's hard to get that genie back in the bottle.