Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tara's Hollywood boyfriend lays a big fat egg

Here's the match video from Sunday's TNA PPV with Miss Tessmacher defending her TNA Knockouts Championship against Tara. The original story was teacher vs student and the student.won on last month's PPV. So lately the story changed and they have Tara obsessed with Hollywood and checking out the latest gossip on Twitter. So then she starts talking about a big name Hollywood boyfriend. This is obviously influenced by Stacy Keibler dating George Clooney. Historically, whenever TNA brings in some sort of celebrity, they go so overboard with hype that it can't help but be disappointing. The problem with this is they had Tara do it and it made her look like a nut. It was dumb. As for the match, it was OK. Obviously Tara won because she revealed the Hollywood boyfriend afterwards. That's supposed to be the big payoff. Of course Tara carried the match. She beat up Brooke for the first half of the match and then Brooke got some offense in that was clearly carried by Tara. Tara said in an interview last week that Brooke has a good look. But as we have seen in the past, a good look doesn't always translate to wrestling ability. And Brooke isn't an athlete so she has a steeper learning curve than the average indie wrestler. I think TNA was misguided in giving her this push when anyone can see she isn't ready. She should go to OVW for a while. So who is the Hollywood boyfriend? Why it's Jessie Godderz! Yeah, I know. Who? And the crowd was chanting "Who is he?". Godderz is a former bodybuilder whose claim to fame is he was on the CBS reality show Big Brother. That's what stardom is these days. TNA signed him last year and he has been training at OVW. I guess it was more embarrassing than disappointing. It fell flat. To be fair, Taz tried to sell him like he is a big star. But Mike Tenay no sold him. I guess TNA is aware that Godderz isn't a star and the reveal was supposed to be laughable. Don't ask me why TNA would do that on a PPV. Enjoy the video!

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