Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Syuri invites an ass kicking by insulting Ayako Hamada

Syuri, Ayako Hamada
You may recall that a few weeks ago at a Wrestling New Classic press conference, Syuri whined publicly that she was bored with the competition in WNC and wanted somebody new to wrestle. WNC owner TAJIRI looked at her like she was from Mars. But he did deliver and Syuri will face Ayako Hamada on the July 15 Korakuen Hall show. So they had a press conference today to promote the match and instead of showing respect for a 15 year veteran of the joshi business, she claimed she had never heard of Ayako. I don't know why she would say that as it makes Syuri look like an idiot. It's like she doesn't know the difference between heel behaviour and stupidity. Even TAJIRI couldn't believe she said it. Ayako smiled and said "Don't worry, kid. You'll know who I am on the 15th." So I expect Ayako to lower the boom on Syuri. Ayako said "I know who you are. All you do is punch and kick. What else do you do?" I'm not sure making Syuri a fool is a particularly good angle but TAJIRI set this up by having her whine about lack of competition. I guess it creates interest in an ass kicking.

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