Thursday, July 05, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Keane

Song:Somewhere Only We Know
Album:Hopes and Fears

Keane is one of those bands that is always compared to other bands. That probably drives them nuts. They are a much bigger deal in their native England than here. Somewhere Only We Know is their best known song. The four original members were school chums in Sussex, England. Pianist Tim Rice-Oxley and lead singer Tom Chaplin became friends with guitarist Domenic Scott and drummer Richard Hughes. While attending University College London in 1993, Rice-Oxley formed Lotus Eaters with Scott and Hughes. They were a cover band. In 1997, Chris Martin invited Rice-Oxley to join Coldplay. Rice-Oxley declined and Chaplin joined Lotus Eaters and the band was named Cherry Keane after a friend of Chaplin's mother. Then the name was shortened to Keane. By 1999, Keane released their first single and were after a record deal. Scott left in 2001 to return to school. He didn't think Keane would make it. But they did sign with Island Records in 2003. Hopes and Fears was their 2004 debut CD and Somewhere Only We Know reached #3 on the British Singles chart. The song charted in the US after it was used in an episode of the TV series Grey's Anatomy. Bassist Jesse Quin was added in 2008. Keane continues to be successful in England but most US fans may only know the one song. Here's the video for Somewhere Only We Know by Keane.

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