Thursday, July 19, 2012

RENA to compete in S-Girls Cup 2012

MIO, Erika Kamimura, Takeshi Caesar, RENA, Ai Takahashi
SHOOT BOXING held a press conference today to announce some of the fighters who will be participating in the 2012 S-Girls Cup Aug. 25 at Yamano Hall. The big news is though she probably should not compete, two time S-Girls Cup champ RENA has decided to participate. RENA broke her foot while training in December. She was put in a cast and when it did not heal properly, she underwent surgery in May. Screws have been inserted to insure proper healing. But I understand they have been giving her trouble. She said at the press conference that she decided to participate yesterday. She says this decision worried her. When asked if she is fully healed, RENA said her recovery is about half complete. Obviously she is not ready and realistically she should take the rest of the year off. It's very risky and she could easily make things worse. Teen kickboxing phenom and last year's S-Girls Cup champ Erika Kamimura and Korean kickboxer Ham Seo Hee have also entered S-Girls Cup. SHOOT BOXING owner Takeshi Caesar says he has fighters coming in from the US, the Netherlands, Thailand, Lithuania and Australia. Remember this S-Girls Cup will be at 51kg. The finals of the 53kg S-Girls Cup will have SHOOT BOXING Flyweight Champion Ai Takahashi facing teen kickboxing ace MIZUKI. And there will also be the AKS48 schoolgirl tournament featuring RENA's sister MIO. I will have more about this when they announce the other fighters.

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