Saturday, July 14, 2012

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-The Partridge Family

Artist:The Partridge Family
Song:I Think I Love You
Album:The Definitive Collection

With the success of The Monkees, Columbia Pictures TV division Screen Gems decided to do another sitcom based on rock music. The result was The Partridge Family. It was a big hit and I Think I Love You topped the charts in 1970. The Partridge Family was created by Canadian Bernard Slade who also created The Flying Nun. The Partridge Family was very loosely based on the real family band The Cowsills. The original plan was to hire the Cowsills children but none of them were actors so that was dropped. Shirley Jones was hired to play the mother in The Partridge Family. After auditions, Jones stepson David Cassidy was hired to play lead singer Keith Partridge. The other children in The Partridge Family were played by actors. Cassidy sang the lead vocals but the music was performed by studio musicians supervised by Columbia owned Bell Records producer Wes Farrell. He had success producing acts like Jay & The Americans. I Think I Love You was the first single and topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970 and turned Cassidy into a star. And the sitcom was very successful. I Think I Love You was written by Farrell staff songwriter Tony Romeo. He also wrote the Lou Christie hit I'm Gonna Make You Mine. The musicians used were veteran Los Angeles session musicians known as The Wrecking Crew led by drummer Hal Blaine along with guys like Tommy Tedesco, Larry Knechtel, Louie Shelton and Joe Osborne. The background vocals were by Ron Hicklin and his singers. You may recall Hicklin anonymously recorded the theme from MASH Suicide Is Painless. Hicklin still does session work today. The Partridge Family had two other top ten hits. You can get them on this budget comp. But by 1972, Cassidy had become a problem. He said he was tired of the show and wanted to leave. He was allowed to record a solo album which did very well. But this discontent led to The Partridge Family cancellation in 1973. Here's The Partridge Family performing I Think I Love You on the sitcom The Partridge Family 1970.

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