Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NEWS FLASH! George Lucas NOT in Japan for Amanda Lucas fight

Amanda Lucas
Well, I guess it would be a news flash if he did show up. Amanda Lucas arrived in Japan and DEEP held a press conference to promote her match against Hikaru Shinohara on Friday's Korakuen Hall show. Most regular readers will know that gimmicky bullshit drives me nuts. And no one does more gimmicky bullshit than DEEP and JEWELS matchmaker Shigeru Saeki. And he's really outdone himself with this fight. Ask yourself this question. Would Saeki be interested in Amanda if she was anyone but George Lucas' daughter? Of course not. After saying when the match was announced that he might show up, he finally admitted today that he won't be there because Amanda insisted that he admit it. He also attempted to sell Shinohara as a credible fighter. She hasn't fought in several years and was never that good anyway. She's mostly models. Today he tried to tell Amanda that if she wins the fight, he will create a DEEP championship belt in her weight class. Why would he say that? Oh, that's right. He's full of crap. This is the kind of baloney that turns women's MMA into a sideshow.

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