Friday, August 26, 2011

Amanda Lucas gets easy win on DEEP show

Amanda Lucas finishes Hikaru Shinohara
As expected Amanda Lucas got an easy win over Hikaru Shinohara at today's DEEP show. Did you expect anything else? The fight was contracted for 71kg. Problem number one was Amanda missed weight and had to drop three pounds. To be fair, Amanda normally fights at a heavier weight and had never had to drop to 155 before. That's because Shinohara is undersized and couldn't even get up to 71kg. I think she weighed in at 67kg. So Amanda was asked to drop to a lower weight than usual as a compromise. And as I said before, Shinohara isn't that active anymore and isn't a credible opponent for anyone. She would have been credible a few years ago at a lighter weight. DEEP matchmaker Shigeru Saeki obviously couldn't find anyone good which is not surprising. He was mainly interested in teasing about George Lucas. The fight went as expected. Amanda had no trouble with her smaller opponent and after pounding her for a while, she switched to an armbar and it was over at 4:37 of round one. Shinohara protested because she said she didn't tap out. It turns out her corner threw in the towel. So she started beating him up. A perfect end to a sordid little sideshow. I haven't seen any interviews with Saeki yet so I don't know about this championship belt he promised if Amanda won. If there were more heavier fighters in women's MMA, I could see a future in MMA for Amanda Lucas. But there aren't. And if she can't make 155, she won't make 145 either. I guess she's stuck.

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