Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sara McMann vs Raquel Pa'aluhi

This match is from last night's Pro Elite show in Hawaii. It's Olympic silver medalist Sara McMann vs Raquel Pa'aluhi. Raquel tries really hard but she is way overmatched. First, it's interesting that Sara was willing to drop to 135 for this match though she refused to do that for Tonya Evinger. But Raquel looks like she might be more comfortable at 125. The size difference is obvious. Of course the funniest thing about this fight is Jamie Varner's cheerleading commentary that tries to make it look like Raquel is competitive when she obviously is not. She doesn't have the size to handle Sara. I scored round one 10-8 for Sara. She dominated with several takedowns but and some ground and pound. I think she could have done more once she took Raquel down. Maybe go for a finish a lot sooner. It almost looked like she was toying with her. Raquel got a choke attempt near the end of round two so I scored it 10-9 for Sara. Sara finally put Raquel away in round three with an Americana armlock. The one thing Raquel showed is she can take a whupping and she won't quit. I wonder if Sara is disappointed that it lasted until round three. I understand the rest of the show sucked so supposedly this was match of the night. It was OK I guess but nothing special. Enjoy the video!

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