Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Erika Kamimura vs Ham Seo Hee

Today's feature on Big Bad Blog Video Theater is Friday's SHOOT BOXING S-Girls Cup tournament final with Erika Kamimura vs Ham Seo Hee. I'm not a big fan of SHOOT BOXING because I don't like some of their goofy rules and I think the judging is suspect. But I figured these two would have a good match and they did. When you're watching this, you may wonder why the ref breaks it up when a fighter is thrown to the ground. That's the rules. You can attempt standing submissions. For example, Erika applies a standing choke in round one. But there's no ground work. The fighter gets a point for the takedown and they're stood up. Erika breezed through the first two rounds and she admitted afterwards to Wrestle Kingdom that may have hurt her in the final. Ham had a much tougher time especially in the first round against Emi Fujino. You can see her left eye is swollen. But Ham is a great kickboxer and she brought it. Erika also told Wrestle Kingdom she's not crazy about some of the SHOOT BOXING rules. Here's an 18 year old kid who is a pinpoint puncher and she already a WPMF champ. She won the first round with that punching and a standing choke attempt. Ham had three takedowns in round two so she won that round. But a knockdown for a standing eight count tipped the scales in Erika's favour and she won by unanimous decision. I would like to see these two in a straight kickboxing match. That would be a war. Of course SHOOT BOXING glamour girl RENA enters the ring afterwards and it is announced that Erika Kamimura vs RENA will happen at the Nov. 23 RISE show which I think is supposed to be an outdoor show at Tokyo City Hall. All the matches from this show are on Youtube. RENA was very impressive in her match. But she doesn't have Erika's skills. And the match with RENA's sister MIO vs Yoko Yamada was weird. I don't know why Yamada behaved the way she did. The DQ was deserved. Enjoy the video!

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