Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mogi loses to best friend on Oct. 24 VALKYRIE show

VALKYRIE held their latest show today at Differ Ariake. Of course the problem is that with Yuka Tsuji injured, matchmaker Yasuko Mogi didn't really have a main event. So she booked herself against her very good friend Misaki Takimoto. Before I get into that, Jet Izumi suffered a knee injury so her match against Emi Fujino was cancelled. The bouts are scheduled for three three minute rounds except for the first two matches which are two three minute rounds. As I said, Mogi and Takimoto frequently train together so it's odd to see them fight each other. And by no means is Mogi a main event fighter. Mogi's takedown attempts don't work and Takimoto hammers her with strikes. She leans Mogi against the cage and tees off on her. Round two doesn't go any better and when Takimoto continues the barrage, the ref stops the match at 51 seconds of round three. In the semi-main, Naoko Omuro won by unanimous decision over Yukiko Seki. Omuro was never close to finishing Seki but scored with takedowns and strikes. Seki made a bit of a comeback in round two but it wasn't enough and Omuro poured it on in the third round. SACHI vs Maho Muranami is even in the first round as both score with takedowns. But SACHI is able to mount Muranami in tound two and gets the win with an armbar at 2:32 of round two. Naho Sugiyama made her MMA debut against ♂ha@THE♀ who has been on a roll lately. But Sugiyama does a pretty good job of controlling her through the first two rounds with strikes and effective ground work. ♂ha@THE♀ tries to pull a rabbit out of her hat with a guillotine choke in round three. but it's unsuccessful and not enough to turn the tide. Sugiyama wins by unanimous decision. Fukuko Fukuko controls Yuko Takagi in round one with ground and pound. Takagi tries a backfist in round two but ends up in an armbar submission at 1:01 of round two. Ayame won in her MMA debut over Masae Mori by unanimous decision and Yuki Sugiuchi won a grappling match over Yuki Tanaka at 2:37 of round two.

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