Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MMA fighter Mika Nagano joins Ice Ribbon

You may recall a couple of weeks ago Sakura Emi's joshi puroresu company Ice Ribbon announced that MMA fighter Emi Fujino has joined the company. Ice Ribbon held another press conference today to announce that another MMA fighter is joining them. This time it's 25 year old grappling whiz Mika Nagano. Nagano's MMA record is 3-2 and her latest fight was a win over Rina Tomita on the July 11 JEWELS show. Her two losses were to Megumi Fujii and Saori Ishioka. She was an amateur grappling champ at Chukyo University and finished fourth in the 55kg division of the 2002 Japan Queen's Cup. She continues to compete in grappling tournaments while working for JEWELS. She gave a sparring demonstration at the press conference. Mika will debut with Ice Ribbon at their Aug. 23 Korakuen Hall show. She's been training in pro wrestling since May. Normally Ice Ribbon shows are on mats but the Korakuen Hall show will be in a ring. It shouldn't be much work to train her. She certainly knows the basics of wrestling.


  1. Ice Ribbon's been using rings for like every show now. They're using the place JD Star used to always run at I believe.

  2. Chris7:31 PM

    Actually, they have their own building in Saitama with a ring. CHIKARA ran a show there with Big Japan last month.