Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DEEP JEWELS resorting to desperate gimmickry for Nov. 23 show

Emi Fujino, Nori DATE
At a time when they should be closing and folding women's MMA fights into DEEP, DEEP JEWELS is resorting to desperate gimmickry to fool fans into attending their Nov. 23 Shinjuku FACE show. First they announced a double main event with midcard fighters. Both are attempts at Atomweight championship contender fights. One will have Emi Tomimatsu vs Sarami and the other will have Sugi Rock vs Mina Kurobe. These should be midcard fights and shouldn't be at the top of the card. None of them deserve a sniff at a title. They aren't good enough. So now because their last show was so short, DEEP JEWELS has resorted to the kind of gimmickry that Smackgirl used to get slammed for. They have taken five teens from what they are calling Team DATE and four of the five will make their pro MMA debuts. The other will be an amateur bout. Lately DEEP JEWELS has been presenting T-REX amateur MMA shows. So on their most recent show, the prize was a match on a DEEP JEWELS show. So when the two winners were on the same team, they decided to make it a full blown invasion. The biggest match of these five will have veteran Emi Fujino facing 17 year old Nori DATE. Of course we all know Fujino. Nori has kickboxing and Shoot Boxing experience. But she's getting thrown into the deep end for her MMA debut. Remember MMA is not regulated in Japan. Here in North America, no athletic commission would approve of a match with that kind of experience difference. Regulation prevents shady promoters from pulling this kind of crap. The other matches aren't as bad and probably would be approved. 34 year old housewife Emi Yamamoto (0-2) will face Hana DATE. Hana is another teen kickboxer. Sachiko Fujimori will face Karei DATE and Pan Hui will face Proof DATE. And in an amateur match, Reina Miura will face Nao DATE. If you like that kind of gimmickry, great. I think it's a bunch of nonsense. I kind of expect all five of these DATE girls to sing and dance before the show like AKB-48. I bet Shigeru Saeki would love that.

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