Thursday, October 08, 2015

Asuka debuts in NXT

Here's the match video of Asuka vs Dana Brooke from last night's NXT show that aired live on the WWE Network. This is for those of you who don't have the WWE Network which is worth getting mostly for NXT. Last night's main event of Bayley vs Sasha Banks was almost as good as their Brooklyn match. I hated the ending and I would have preferred a ten minute extension. But I want to talk about Kana who is called Asuka in NXT. There seemed to be a lot of hand wringing by fans about how the WWE would change Kana to fit into the WWE. Other than the name change, she's the same Kana we have come to know and love over the last few years. She was wearing slippers as opposed to wrestling barefoot but she has worn slippers before. I'm sure HHH had to work on her playing to the camera during her entrance. That's something she never had to do in Japan. But as HHH said on Tuesday, Kana has natural charisma that can't be taught. So her entrance was great and the crowd was hot for her. The idea behind this match is not only for Kana to look like a star but for her to make Dana Brooke look good. I think she accomplished that. Of course Kana is much quicker than Dana or any other WWE female wrestler. She did all her trademark moves including her Asuka lock cross face chicken wing. She also pulled off a flying armbar. I also liked her mocking Dana's shtick which I suspect she adlibbed. Dana got in a bit of offense with Emma's help. Guess who's in for the next beating. And Kana does this with a big smile on her face. Remember she will make more money over the next year in the WWE than she made in her whole career in Japan. No wonder she's happy. I can't ask for more. She was perfect. Then Dana attacks her after the match and Kana knocks her out with a spinning head kick. I am also posting a bonus video of Dana in the medical room and she can't remember the match. Then Kana comes in. Enjoy both videos.
Dana Brooke vs Asuka by MrCena456

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