Saturday, October 24, 2015

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Asuka vs Billie Kay

Here's the match video of Asuka's match on this week's episode of NXT for those of you who don't get the WWE Network. Asuka's opponent is Aussie wrestler Billie Kay. She is former SHIMMER wrestler Jessie McKay and she and her high school pal Cassie McIntosh were hired by the WWE last spring. They are calling Cassie Peyton Royce. After doing anonymous jobs over the summer, both have been given new names and characters. This was Billie's first match as a heel. While coming to the ring, Billie cuts a promo in an inset. She says she has been in the ring with Asuka before. That's true. They worked together in SHIMMER. Then she says she has the longest legs in NXT. They should fire whoever told her to say that. Dusty would have never had her say that. Asuka offers to shake Billie's hand. Billie gets the jump on her and controls her for a minute including a pretty good vertical suplex. From her back, Asuka kicks Billie in the jaw and then kicks her a couple more times. Billie lands an elbow smash to Asuka's jaw. Asuka smiles at her. I guess this is a part of her regular shtick. Then Asuka hits her flying armbar followed by a German suplex and a shining wizard. Then she finishes her with the Asuka lock. Asuka is very over with the crowd and she is really good at playing to them. In two weeks, she will face Cameron. It will be a real test for Asuka to make that greenhorn look halfway decent. Enjoy the video!
Asuka vs. Billie Kay by therackattackvideos

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  1. Thank-you, I wanted to see Asuka in action. She is very good and a true professional wrestler. WWE did the right, smart thing in getting her over here to their organization. I like her style.