Monday, September 21, 2015

Charlotte wins the WWE Divas Championship

Here's the match video of Charlotte vs Nikki Bella from last night's WWE Night Of Champions. To the surprise of no one, Charlotte won the title last night. Six months ago, I predicted she would win the title despite the fact that she isn't very good in the ring. But the WWE likes her look. She reminds me of Michelle McCool. And of course, she 's Ric Flair's daughter. Maybe Charlotte will be a good wrestler someday but she's not even close right now. And in this match, they really try to hide that. I give the WWE credit for making this match seem like a big deal which is something they don't usually do for Divas matches. And they gave them plenty of time and they weren't placed in the death spot on the show. But the match itself was just OK. So what you want to know is if they can have great women's matches in NXT, why can't the WWE have great women's matches on the main roster? Well, they can but not with these two. For all of Nikki Bella's talk about nine years of hard work, she's still very limited in the ring. And she's not good enough to make a greenhorn like Charlotte look good. Someone needs to carry Charlotte to a good match like Sasha Banks did in NXT. Nikki can't do that. So they had Charlotte tweak her knee early in the match and she had very little offense for the rest of the match. For the most part, Nikki works Charlotte's knee. So that tells me that the WWE knows that Charlotte isn't very good and the only way to hide that is to have her do nothing. And then the ending came out of nowhere. And BTW, I hate Charlotte's variation on her dad's finisher, the figure four leglock. And how can she apply it if her knee is messed up? Sorry about the logic, folks. I did like the post match stuff with her dad. And his involvement is the main reason the WWE wanted her to be champ. The next step is to turn Paige heel which has been teased for the last month and then maybe bring up Bayley by the end of the year. I don't know what will happen with The Bella Twins. Maybe we'll find out on RAW tonight. Enjoy the video!

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