Friday, September 25, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-McMaster & James

Artist:McMaster & James
Song:Thank You
Album:McMaster & James

Chances are pretty good that if you lived in Canada in 2000, you heard Thank You on the radio and saw the video. And then they disappeared. McMaster & James only recorded one album and split up. So what happened to them? Luke McMaster and Rob James met at the Winnipeg Contemporary Music College. McMaster had previously attended Brandon University where his father was a teacher. In 1995, McMaster met songwriter producer manager Chris Burke-Gaffney at a songwriting workshop. Burke-Gaffney was lead singer of the 80s group Orphan. They recorded two albums. They started writing together and James joined them in 1997. McMaster & James signed with BMG Canada in 1999. Burke-Gaffney was their producer and manager and the three wrote most of the songs on the album. He brought in German producers The Berman Brothers and Canadian producers Jeff Coplan and Steve Smith to work on the album. All three were experienced pop music producers. Four singles charted in Canada. Thank You was probably the biggest of those hits. McMaster & James toured Canada and even opened for Christina Aguilera. They also won a SOCAN award for radio play. Their CD was released only in Canada. It's still available. McMaster & James were supposed to go to Philadelphia to record their second album with veteran producers Andre Harris and Vidal Davis. But there were problems at BMG Canada and the album was put on hold. McMaster & James decided to split up. Both guys decided to get involved in the TV talent show Canadian Idol. James finished sixth in the 2006 season. McMaster was a songwriter and producer for the show. He produced the album by 2003 Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm. McMaster also worked as a songwriter on the Canadian TV series Instant Star. Luke McMaster is currently launching a solo career as more of a singer songwriter as opposed to pop. His CD All Roads was released by Universal Canada in 2013. Here's the video for Thank You by McMaster & James.

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