Sunday, September 06, 2015

Big Bad Blog video Theater-Raquel Pennington vs Jessica Andrade

Here's the match video of Raquel Pennington vs Jessica Andrade from last night's UFC show in Las Vegas. Raquel was supposed to fight Leslie Smith and then Liz Carmouche. Both dropped out due to injury. So Jessica stepped in on short notice. Jessica won by split decision when these two fought in Feb. 2014. Raquel is a lot better than her 5-6 record. In her last fight, she lost by split decision to Holly Holm despite suffering two broken hands during the fight. She made the overhyped Holly look really bad in her UFC debut. I like Jessica because she's aggressive and likes to finish fights with her specialty the guillotine choke. Round one was close but I scored it 10-9 for Jessica because of superior cage control and several takedowns. Round two was also close and I probably would have scored it 10-9 for Raquel. Jessica made it close with a few guillotine choke attempts. Except that with fifteen seconds left in the round, Jessica gave up her back and then tapped out to a rear naked choke with two seconds left in the round. Does Jessica even know what happened? Sometimes fighters do ride out a round with a few seconds left. It looked to me like Jessica let up. It was a big mistake and a little unfortunate because this fight looked to be heading to another split decision. And it was Raquel's 27th birthday. She said afterwards that she plans to avenge all her losses. She's calling it her Revenge Tour. A while back, Raquel won over Ashlee Evans-Smith with a similar end of round finish. It just shows that no fighter should let up at any time. It's not the first time Jessica has lost because of a mistake. We'll see her again. Remember she's only 23 years old. Enjoy the video!

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  1. I am glad we will see Jessica again. She is good and has potential. And as you pointed out she is only 23. She has time to improve her skills. It was a close fight, and she made only one mistake that Raquel took full advantage of. Give Raquel credit, she saw Jessica's mistake and went right for the kill, and got the win. I want to see how well she does on her Revenge Tour, should be interesting.