Monday, April 21, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 5

The big story on this week's episode of WWE Total Divas is the marriage of Trinity McCray and Jon Fatu Jr. The other two storylines could best be described as recycled dreck from season one. It seems that the general consensus of the Total Divas cast is Nattie Neidhart is a prude. She doesn't even know what doggie style is. So Ariane thinks that the weirdo sex therapist she and Vincent saw last year could help Nattie and husband TJ Wilson. Nattie and TJ aren't so sure but they agree to see her. Meanwhile Trinity and Jon have been engaged for two years and Trinity wants to get married. They will do it in Hawaii. Trinity wants Jon's dad Rikishi to come but Jon's not so sure. They aren't that close. Remember Rikishi was on the road when Jon was growing up. He didn't see him that much. So they approach Rikishi when he was on RAW in Baltimore and he agrees to go to the wedding. Meanwhile in Tampa, Eva Marie is having female plumbing problems. Husband Jonathan takes her to the hospital. This is very similar to when Ariane got sick last year. The big issue is she is estranged from her parents because of Jonathan. She's afraid to call her mom. But Jonathan calls her and forces Eva to talk to her. They come and praise Jonathan for taking care of her. Maybe he's a good guy...or maybe they overreacted. The scene with the sex therapist and Nattie and TJ is really weird. They claim she helped them by getting them to try role playing and spice up their sex life. It seemed phony to me and recycled from last year. When the wedding party arrives in Hawaii, the only person missing is Rikishi. Jon's mom and the rest of the family is there. Jon finally tells Trinity that Rikishi isn't coming. She wants to know if it is because she's black. It's a fair question. But Jon's twin brother and tag team partner Joshua says that isn't the reason. He says the rest of the family is here and they support the two of them. The wedding goes on without a hitch. Trinity's dad sees her in her wedding dress and starts bawling. That was a great scene and the wedding was the best thing so far on season two of WWE Total Divas. I predict there will be another wedding later this season. Yeah, I know it's a safe prediction. Enjoy the video!
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