Thursday, April 17, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sarah Kaufman vs Leslie Smith

Here's the fight video from Sarah Kaufman vs Leslie Smith from last night's TUF Nations finale in Quebec City. This is a rematch from last year in Invicta. Sarah won by split decision but many fans thought she lost. And a lot of these same fans felt that the loss cost Leslie a UFC contract. And her record probably isn't good enough to get into the UFC. But Leslie answered the call on late notice after two fighters dropped out due to injury. She was in Vegas helping Miesha Tate prepare for her upcoming fight. Her problem was a fighter really does need that full training camp to build the endurance to go three rounds. On the other hand, Sarah has a bad habit of lacking aggression and maybe thinking too much about what she is going to do. So I thought if Sarah fought like she used to fight a few years ago, she could wear Leslie out and win an easy decision. And that's what she did. She threw a lot of punches and I thought she did really well with knees. And Leslie was out of gas by the end of round one as I would expect because of the short notice. The only way Leslie could have won was if Sarah got off to a slow start and Leslie takes advantage of that. I didn't think that was likely. But at least Leslie got into the UFC and she'll have a full training camp for her next fight. She lost but she impressed with her toughness. Sarah says she wants to fight on the upcoming Vancouver show. I wouldn't be surprised if the winner of this Saturday's Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche fight is her opponent. Enjoy the video!

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