Monday, April 14, 2014

Review of WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 4

The last episode of WWE Total Divas ended with Summer Rae slapping Nattie Neidhart after Nattie called her a stripper. This episode begins with Nattie suffering from nosebleeds. Then assistant director of talent Mark tells her she will challenge for AJ Lee's WWE Divas Championship on the upcoming TLC PPV. Of course Nattie doesn't get the opportunity to be on a PPV very often. So she doesn't want to miss it. But she's having nosebleeds...or that's what the show producers want you to believe. Meanwhile, Nikki Bella has just earned her real estate license. Well, she may have passed that test but her behaviour in this episode indicates that she flunked her IQ test. Also, Trinity McCray has recorded a single and now she is filming a video. I guess these girls all want to be pop stars. To be fair, Trinity's dad is a musician. So the thing that occurred to me about the Nattie/Summer Rae stuff is that kind of behaviour would not be tolerated backstage. But they need the feud for the show. Again on this episode, Nattie looks foolish. They put her in a match vs Summer Rae taped for Superstars. And they tried to make it look like Nattie got hit in the face. She wasn't. And she went to a doctor who suggested surgery and she would be out for six months. Fortunately her husband CJ Wilson calmed her down and Nattie appeared on the PPV. Much ado about nothing. CJ is the only one who looked good. As for Trinity's music video, her costume rips and her extensions come out and maybe they forgot to get a permit. Again much ado about nothing. So Nikki starts suspecting that boyfriend John Cena is cheating. I guess this is going to happen every time he wants to surprise her. How is he going to surprise her if he has to tell her everything he is doing? So who is buying the house Nikki is trying to sell? John Cena of course. All is forgiven...until the next time. This whole storyline was laughable. Next week Trinity and Jon get married. Enjoy the video.

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