Sunday, April 20, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche

Here's the fight video of Miesha Tate vs Liz Carmouche from last night's UFC show in Orlando. There was a lot of whining after this fight that Liz got jobbed by the judges as all three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Miesha. I wasn't impressed with either of them and I scored the fight a draw. Miesha came out in round one like she was in a fog or something. And though Liz won the first round 10-9, she needed to be more aggressive. Getting a takedown is one thing but she needed to be more active on top and she wasn't. That's why the fans were booing. And Liz's trainer Manny Hernandez told her between rounds to be more aggressive and that Florida judges are weird. He told her the right thing but she didn't listen. Round two started like round one with Liz getting a takedown. But with about two minutes left in the round, Miesha managed to get Liz in a very poorly applied guillotine choke. Joe Rogan oversold it as usual. And it appears the judges liked it too as they all scored the round 10-9 for Miesha. I thought they gave Miesha way too much credit for the guillotine. At the very least, the round should have been scored 10-10. But I scored round two 10-9 for Liz. She had control for most of the round. But as Manny told her, she wasn't aggressive enough. Liz needed to do more than sit on Miesha. Miesha finally woke up in round three and was completely in charge with a rear naked choke attempt. I thought she won the round 10-8. So my score was a draw. I don't think either of them did enough to win. So how did all the judges score it 29-28 for Miesha? As I have said many times, judges are very reluctant to score rounds 10-10 or 10-8. That's why we get weird decisions sometimes. Should round two and three have both been scored 10-9 for Miesha? Of course not. Round three was a much bigger round for Miesha. But they scored those rounds the same. It's ridiculous. I don't think either of them deserved a win. But judges are told not to deliver a draw. Miesha is already talking about fighting Sarah Kaufman in Vancouver in June. That will probably happen. Enjoy the video!

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  1. Frank, a very accurate assessment of the fight as always. You make very good points and are dead on right. Its to bad about Liz Carmouche. I was rooting for her. But she just was not aggressive enough and it cost her. Its to bad. I wonder who she will fight next. Yours Defshepard.