Monday, January 31, 2011

Eve Torres is the new WWE Divas Champion

Here's the match video from the Divas match from last night's Royal Rumble. The announced match was WWE Divas Champion Natalya defending against Michelle McCool and Layla. Of course they've already done the Laycool as Divas champs gimmick. So they had the anonymous GM add Eve Torres to the match and turn it from a handicap match to a four way match. Apparently this was the plan all along because the four way match was on the Royal Rumble t-shirt. Normally we might complain about a bait and switch but nobody really cares. It was designed to get the anonymous GM over. I think the only thing worse than a three way match is a four way match. When was the last time you saw a good four way match? Never? The girls weren't the problem. Those kind of matches are crap by their nature. Of course they use the usual crutch of tossing wrestlers out of the ring to get them out of the way. They teased a Laycool split including a "malfunction at the junction" as Ed Whelan used to say. Natalya did that double sharpshooter spot which is pointless in a match like this. The double pin ending was lame and they had Eve do a moonsault to win the title so the WWE could say "Look, Eve did a moonsault". That's why Eve was in the match instead of Beth Phoenix. They do nothing with Eve for the last six months and suddenly she's a champ. Where the hell is Beth Phoenix. And don't forget a certain A. Kong is set to make her WWE debut possibly on tonight's RAW. Enjoy the video!

WWE Royal Rumble 01/30/11 Part 6/13 HD
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