Friday, January 28, 2011

World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana to debut Mar. 21

The WWWD roster
The worst kept secret in joshi puroresu was that Kyoko Inoue was going to start her own company after leaving NEO. A press conference was held today to announce the new company World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana will debut Mar. 21 at Differ Ariake. As expected, Kaoru Ito will be in charge of training. Of course these two grew up together in All Japan Women of the late 80s-early 90s. Inoue has had a dojo set up in the Kamazawa district in Tokyo since July. It's called the World Arena. The other veteran wrestler who is on the roster is 16 year veteran Keiko Aono who was Kei'to in JWP. Ayako Sato comes over from Ito Dojo and Aya Yuki and Nagisa Nozaki come over from NEO. I expect them to use outside wrestlers and freelancers as well. Aja Kong was at the press conference. They also have two trainees. One is 21 year old Ayumi Yamashiro and the other is14 year old Sari Fujimura. I'm not sure about her name. They both look small. They also have two trainees from Cambodia and are negotiating for two more from Mexico. Cambodia? Inoue and Ito did a show there a few months ago. They have scheduled six shows in the first two months. When STARDOM launched, I talked about their ambitious schedule of a show every other week. But they are running a small building Shin-kiba 1st Ring. What Diana is doing that is ambitious is running bigger halls like Differ Ariake and Kawasaki City Gym. I doubt they can fill any of those joints paid. There will be a lot of paper flying around. I'd prefer to see them fill smaller joints first but Kyoko is saying that she wants to return to the glory days of joshi puroresu. I don't see that happening.

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