Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-TAJIRI vs Kana

It is time once again for Big Bad Blog Video Theater. Today I have the match video of TAJIRI vs Kana from the Dec. 24 SMASH show. The match is anticlimactic mainly because the pre-match stuff was so good. Kana behaved like the queen bitch and TAJIRI mostly makes fun of her. And that just makes her angrier. So he comes out wearing her glasses and continues to make fun of her during the match. So one would think that the match would have had a lot of heat and been more explosive. It just isn't intense enough. It was OK but a little disappointing. But I know a lot of fans want to see this. I'm surprised TAJIRI didn't go perv during the match. And afterwards Kana is still pissed off. Enjoy the video!

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