Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mika Nagano ready for her pro wrestling debut

Here are a couple of videos promoting Ice Ribbon's Aug. 23 Korakuen Hall show. I saw them on Nikkan Sports but someone saved me some time and already posted them on Youtube. The first one mostly shows Mika Nagano training with Fuuka in the ring. Nagano will team with Fuuka and Hikari Shida at Nagano's pro wrestling debut on Aug. 23. It made me laugh because with her grappling background, Nagano could probably teach Fuuka a thing or two. The second video has Ice Ribbon owner Sakura Emi talking about her main event match with Nanae Takahashi. It must get pretty hot in Korakuen Hall in August because Ice Ribbon is giving away fans. This is a big show for them. Enjoy the videos!

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