Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Lady Gong presents joshi show on July 2

Sunday was a busy day. Not only did JWP & NEO have one of their double shots at Itabashi Green Hall (I'll get to that shortly), Lady Gong presented a show at Shinjuku FACE on July 2. So with this show starting at Noon and the JWP starting at 1PM, there was a lot of scrambling around. Sachie Abe sang a song with some of her old JD pals on this show and then rushed over to the JWP show. And though the show used a lot of rookie idol wrestlers, it also had a debut, appearances by Chapparita ASARI & Rie Tamada and an ARSION reunion main event. There were 620 in attendance.

The show started with Sachie Abe, Keiko Saito & MARU singing a song they sang in JD. Abe left for JWP right after the song. Then Generalissimo Tanny Mouse had some sort of secret ceremony. This had to be a Hustle spoof. Then an exhibition match with Yoko Yamada making her debut against Hikaru. So who's Yoko Yamada? It seems that a few years ago she tried to get into wrestling training and was told she was too small. So she took up arm wrestling and eventually made her way to Smackgirl. She's had a few matches there but is probably best known for her Hot Body DVD and she's been promoting that. Yoko is very small. She's maybe five feet tall and less than a hundred pounds. At that size, it would be very difficult for her to get out of midcard. baby-M was an extraordinary athlete and she couldn't get higher than midcard. Hikaru won the match and it was taped for a TV Asahi morning show.

Next was an elimination tag match with mostly idol wrestlers. It was Fuuka, Apple Miyuki, Haruhi, & Masasai vs Shuu Shibutani, Bambi, Mai Ichii & Nozomi Takesako. A wrestler could be eliminated by pinfall, submission or going over the top rope. Whoever is left is the winner. The whole thing took 10:22. First, Fuuka threw Takesako over the top rope. Then Shibutani used a jacknife pin to eliminate Masasai. Apple got rid of Shibutani with a German suplex. Then Apple & Bambi went over the top rope together. Then Ichii threw Haruhi over the top rope. Fuuka won the match over Mai Ichii with a high kick. The next match had Nanae Takahashi defeating Ayumi Kurihara with a back drop in 18:47.

Next was a Redigon Palace victory ceremony featuring Rie Tamada and Chiaparita ASARI and her fiancee. Finally the main event was an ASRION reunion. The match was AKINO, Aja Kong & GAMI vs Reina Takase, Atsuko Emoto & Michiko Ohmukai. Rie Tamada was at ringside. Ohmukai wore one of her old 1998 costumes. Apparently the match was a lot of fun and Takase won over Aja with a splash at 20:13. Call it a birthday present. They celebrated Reina Takase's 26th birthday afterwards. Not surprisingly, it turned into a food fight. I think a lot of fans would enjoy the ARSION reunion but I don't know if this was on TV.

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