Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nanae Takahashi leaves STARDOM

Nanae Takahashi
In an interview today with Tokyo Sports, veteran joshi wrestler Nanae Takahashi announced that she has left STARDOM. Nanae has been with STARDOM since it began in Jan. 2011. Not only was she the first STARDOM champion but she was also head trainer which was an important role when you consider that most of the STARDOM roster are greenhorn idol wrestlers. Of course we all know about the incident where Yoshiko beat up Act Yasukawa on the Feb. 22 show. Yoshiko was suspended indefinitely and Yasukawa has surgery on her nose. She plans to return in the fall but there has been no news about Yoshiko. STARDOM officials told Tokyo Sports that Nanae was blamed for the incident because she was the head trainer and it was her responsibility to properly guide her trainees. She failed in her duties and the decision to part ways was made in March. The reason we're just hearing about this now is Nanae had ankle surgery and will be out indefinitely anyway. She doesn't know yet if she will continue her wrestling career. It depends how her recovery goes. She may not be able to continue. That would be unfortunate because Nanae is due to celebrate her 20th anniversary in pro wrestling in 2016. She says if she does return she will freelance. But I would not be surprised to see her start her own company or possibly partner up with an existing company. STARDOM has not announced a replacement head trainer. They may announce that this week. STARDOM trains at the Caesar Gym, home of SHOOT BOXING.

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