Thursday, May 14, 2015

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-Troop

Song:All I Do Is Think Of You

The R & B group Troop is probably best known for their appearance on the New Jack City soundtrack performing For The Love Of Money with Queen Latifah and LeVert. But they had a few of their own hits including the number one R & B hit All I Do Is Think Of You in 1990. Troop was from Pasadena, CA consisting of childhood pals Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld and Rodney Benford. They won the TV talent show Puttin' On The Hits and got a record deal with Atlantic Records. They worked with various producers but it appears their primary producer was Chuckii Booker who was also on Atlantic at the time. Their debut album Troop was released in 1988 and the single Mamacita reached #2 on the R & B Singles chart. Troop's second album Attitude was released in 1989 and turned out to be their most successful album. It was certified Gold. Spread My Wings was their first R & B chart topper followed by All I Do Is Think Of You which also crossed over to pop. It's a standard slow jam similar to other groups from the same era. All I Do Is Think Of You was recorded by the Jackson 5 in 1975 on their final Motown album. The song was written by Brian Holland of Holland-Dozier Holland and Michael Lovesmith who was a writer and producer for HDH at the time. Lovesmith recorded three solo albums in the 80s. Troop's third album Deepa was released in 1992 and the single Sweet November was their final R & B chart topper. They recorded two more albums before splitting up in 1998. They reformed minus McNeil in 2004 and they tour. They were supposed to release a new CD last year but that didn't happen. Steve Russell has written hits for others like No Air and Allen McNeil has released a solo album and is trying acting. Here's the video for All I Do Is Think Of You by Troop.

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