Monday, December 08, 2014

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Herica Tiburcio vs Michelle Waterson

I have been asked by fans who didn't get to see it to post the main event from Friday's Invicta show. I didn't have the time to do it yesterday so I'm doing it today. It's a pretty good match so I know you'll enjoy it. I wanted to outline my viewpoint that regardless of the result, this is still poor matchmaking. It started back in October when Michelle Waterson vs Yasuko Tamada was a horrible mismatch. Dave Meltzer has described it as the worst mismatch in recent MMA history. And Invicta deliberately hid that Tamada is 47 years old. Because I think fans would have been upset if they had known that. The fight never should have been booked. But when any promotion books a match like that, it erodes trust for the future. For the November show, Invicta booked Herica Tiburcio vs Ayaka Hamasaki but that match was cancelled. Cris Cyborg was supposed to headline Friday's show but got injured. Invicta has wildly overhyped Michelle Waterson as the face of the company though I think she's an OK fighter but nothing special. They thought they needed to have Michelle on the show. That's probably not true. They have other fighters that could have been in a main event. So they booked Herica despite the fact that she was unknown. And my whole point at the time was you don't book unknown fighters in a main event. After the Waterson vs Tamada fiasco, fans are right to be skeptical of Invicta's motives. But the biggest problem was this main event couldn't sell tickets. They mistakenly believed that Michelle is a big enough star to sell tickets. She isn't. And Herica didn't even appear on the poster. Anyone who watched Friday's show knows that there were plenty in attendance disguised as empty seats. They couldn't give away enough tickets to fill that place. There are plenty of fans and supposed MMA journalists who slurp Invicta. They can do no wrong. But it appears that fans put their wallets in their pockets when considering this show. That's what happens when a promotion books bad main events. Fans find other things to do. Enjoy the video!

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