Wednesday, December 24, 2014

AccuRadio Song Of The Day-U.P. Wilson

Artist:U.P. Wilson
Song:Boogie Boy
Album:Boogie Boy: The Texas Guitar Tornado Returns

Guitarist U.P. Wilson was known as The Texas Guitar Tornado. On the CD cover, there is an endorsement of Wilson by Stevie Ray Vaughan. That endorsement got Wilson stardom after many years as a part time musician. As Wilson said himself, there are many guitarists in Texas. It's tough out there. Huary Perry Wilson was born Sept. 4, 1934 in Shreveport, LA and grew up in Dallas. He moved to Fort Worth and formed The Boogie Chillun Boys with drummer and singer Robert Ealey. They regularly played the Fort Worth club The New Bluebird. One musician who worked with Wilson was guitarist Cornell Dupree before he became an Atlantic Records session musician. Wilson played clubs at night while working as a school janitor during the day. He was known for one handed guitar playing. Wilson finally got the chance to record for the British label Red Lightnin' in 1988. Then Vaughan said "U.P. Wilson was my greatest inspiration for real blues". This led to a new record deal with JSP Records and the 1994 CD Boogie Boy. If you like down and dirty blues, you will enjoy U.P. Wilson. After years of obscurity, Wilson toured the world. After six months in prison for cocaine possession in 1998, Wilson moved to Paris and died during surgery on Sept, 22, 2004 at age 70. Here's a video of Boogie Boy by U.P. Wilson.

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