Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tara LaRosa wins by decision over Takayo Hashi

Here's the match video from last night's DaMMAge Fight League show in Atlantic City featuring Tara LaRosa vs Takayo Hashi for a bogus title belt. One of my concerns about this fight is that Hashi is not a draw. For a few extra bucks these guys could have had Carina Damm who is a draw because of her sex appeal. Like it or not, sex appeal is part of this business and will always be a part of this business. Get over it. When you're watching the video, you'll notice there are a lot of fans disguised as empty seats. Geez, couldn't they paper the joint? It's just so bush league. I understand the attendance was around 200. That's not good. So I'm not surprised this match didn't draw. My other concern was about Hashi's willingness to engage because she was terrible against Sarah Kaufman in February. She was better in this match but not by much. The difference is that Tara is more willing to force engagement because of her confidence in her ground game. Sarah prefers to stand up. Tara admitted concern about this and she did have trouble breaking through Hashi's defense. I don't understand the strategy of fighting to not lose as opposed to fighting to win. And that's what Hashi did in this fight. This was five rounds of jockeying for position and not getting anywhere. And Tara couldn't seem to do much with Hashi until late in the rounds and Hashi wasn't doing enough to score. In round one, Hashi got a takedown. Tara reversed and then Hashi got another takedown. But there was no advance of position beyond the takedowns. 10-9 Hashi by a very slim margin. A lot of clinching in round two but Tara scored enough strikes later in the round to win 10-9. More clinching in round three and Tara got a rear naked choke attempt. But it was too late in the round to do anything with it. Tara wins 10-9. Round four was very similar and Tara attempted a rear naked choke but never hooked it. She wins 10-9. Hashi's corner must have told her she was losing because she was a lot more aggressive in round five. She wins that round 10-9. So what if Hashi had been more aggressive earlier in the fight? I scored it 48-47 for Tara so I agree with the decision. Tara was more aggressive and tried to take control. I give her points for that. Until the final round, Hashi was very defensive and passive. I don't like that kind of fighting. So congratulations to Tara LaRosa but I haven't changed my tune. I wouldn't have booked Hashi for this. Enjoy the video!

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