Friday, November 26, 2010

Rin Nakai wants to fight in the US

Rin Nakai
In preparation for this Sunday's VALKYRIE show, matchmaker Yasuko Mogi posted several fighter interviews on her blog. Most of the interviews aren't that interesting. However, I would be remiss if I did not transcribe the interview with undefeated pint size powerhouse Rin Nakai. Of course Rin is fighting Mizuho Sato on this Sunday's show for the VALKYRIE Open Weight Championship. She won over Sato last February so Rin is the obvious favourite. But based on the interview, she is certainly not taking Sato for granted. Mogi asks Rin about the title and Rin says she has wanted to be an MMA champion since she started in MMA. She's very anxious for the belt. She also thanked Mogi for the opportunity to fight in VALKYRIE. Mogi asked Rin about her preparation for this fight. Rin says she's training hard and listening to her coach as she always does. She's been doing the same thing for several years and has been very successful so far. Mogi asked her about her strategy in her rematch against Sato. Rin says she has no plan in particular. She says Sato is very strong and is probably stronger today. She also says that the first fight against Sato was Rin's first fight in the cage. She's more used to it now and says she just has to resist grabbing the fence. Rin feels she is stronger than before and will show that in Sunday's fight. Mogi asks her about pressure. Rin says there is pressure but nothing unusual. She always puts pressure on herself to win. Fans should remember that Rin was a competitive gymnast as a child. She's used to the pressure. Rin says that once she becomes a world champion in VALKYRIE, her next goal is to fight in the US. But she will continue to fight in VALKYRIE and defend the title. Mogi asks what weight class Rin would fight at in the US. Rin says she could fight at 135lb but could also fight at 125. She says she can always lose weight. She finished by urging fans to come to Sunday's show and support women's MMA. Several fans have asked me where they can get more Rin Nakai. You should try her blog. She recently posted some new glamour pics that I think you will enjoy. You may have noticed that she has black hair for this fight.

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