Sunday, January 22, 2012

Big Bad Blog Video Theater-Sara McMann vs Hitomi Akano

Here's the Sara McMann vs Hitomi Akano fight video from last night's ProElite show in Hawaii. The match went pretty much as expected. Sara is so much bigger and stronger than Hitomi, there's no way that Hitomi could stop Sara from taking her down. So obviously Hitomi tried to work submissions from the bottom. And because Hitomi is capable of getting a submission from that position, Sara had to be very careful and couldn't be as aggressive as she would have been with someone else. The funny part was HDNet's Michael Schiavello announced at the start of the match that Sara wanted to keep the fight standing. I'm sure that's what she told him but it lasted about 30 seconds until the first takedown. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks. For the most part, Hitomi's defense from the bottom was pretty good. But you don't get points for defense. and you don't get points for near submissions. So the only way Hitomi was going to win was if Sara made a mistake and got caught with an armbar. But Sara played it safe and won an easy decision. And it was over a higher ranked opponent. Of course that's why ProElite booked the fight and gave Hitomi a three fight contract. Too bad I don't care about rankings. There's no question that Sara McMann has impressive physical talents. But I am not impressed with unanimous decision wins over undersized opponents. I would like to see her fight someone good who is her own size. But I don't expect that opponent to be Marloes Coenen. She is signed to a different company and I don't expect them to let her fight in ProElite when they've got a show coming up in the spring. Enjoy the video!

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